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Return guarantee: As you have seen for yourself, I offer meteorites of different kinds of quality, always mentioning any defaults and also documenting them by photographs. If however you shouldn't be content with the quality of the specimen you acquired, as can sometimes be the case in mail sales, for there you cannot examine the items before the actual purchase, I will take the piece back within a delay of 2 months after reception.

Authenticity: I sell the pieces according to my best knowledge and bona fide. If ever a meteorite should prove not to be stemming from the find or fell indicated, then please contact me immediately (Do keep your invoice, please!). I can of course not be liable for any changes of category or denomination by the respective authorities.


Order & Shipment

On the vehicle lies the Iron of Willamette, Oregon which was straight stolen by the guys from the neighboring field.

If you've taken to a piece, then please send me an e-mail, a letter, a fax or simply call me up.

 Martin Altmann
 Mangfallstrasse 2D
 D-81547 München


Tel   +49-89-6908972        - Monday-Saturday 10:00 - 21:00 (MEZ)
Fax  +49-721-151261363 - 24 h / day

Sales are effected according to the chronological entry of orders.

Modes of payment: Crossed or personal cash cheque, bank transfer, credit card.

For reference purposes, every item will be delivered with a copy of its entry in the "Catalogue of Meteorites" (if applicable).

Shipment is carried out via mail, through the cheapest supplier for the respective weight and insurance value. (ca. 6 DEM for Germany, US$ 5.40 in Europe, US$ 10 for the USA).

Helps for search, purchase and exchange

If you are looking for a particular meteorite and your search has so far been futile, then I might be able to help you with my comprehensive comparative list and refer you to the cheapest supplier (free of charge).

And if you'd like to offer or swap a meteorite yourself and aren't quite sure about its value, then I will be glad to let you know the current collectors' price.

Furthermore I buy meteorites myself and pay them above traders' prices.

I also like to swap, offering value compensations, if applicable. 

I am always there for your suggestions, complaints, offers, queries, and am particularly grateful for any hints about cheap sources of meteorites and historic star maps.


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